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Fishing Gear at Basspro.com   Edmonton… Alberta anglers will have more opportunities this year to catch trout, pike and walleye.

Five water bodies have been added to the list of quality stocked trout fisheries, such as the Kids can Katch pond at Bow Habitat Station in Calgary. The special walleye harvest licence is expanded to five new lakes. And, northern pike regulations in the northeast now allow increased harvest of smaller pike on several lakes.

The special walleye harvest licence lets anglers keep a limited number of walleye from 16 lakes throughout Alberta. This season, new lakes include Elinor Lake, Whitefish Lake, Smoke Lake, Iosegun Lake and Battle Lake.

Anglers may apply for the special walleye harvest licence from March 22 to April 23. There are three ways to apply:

online at www.albertarelm.com ; $3.25 ($3.04 plus GST)

at licence issuers; $3.25 ($3.04 plus GST) or

through the draw line (must be a landline): 1-900-451-3474. The call will cost $3.25 for the first minute and $1.15 for each additional minute.

More information on the special walleye licence draw is available at www.mywildalberta.com. After the draw, any remaining licences can be reserved starting May 11 by calling 1-900-451-3474 or online at www.albertarelm.com on a first-come, first-served basis.

The 2012 fishing season starts April 1. Anglers should refer to the 2012 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations to find out where to fish, what rules to follow and how to properly handle and identify fish species. The guide is available online at www.mywildalberta.com  and www.albertaregulations.ca or at licence issuers and Fish and Wildlife offices. Albertans can also purchase a WIN (Wildlife Identification Number) card and sportfishing licence online at www.albertarelm.com  or through licence issuers.


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