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Shellfish, such as clams, oysters, mussels and scallops, are known as filter-feeders because of the way they obtain food. They are constantly moving water through their shells to consume food, such as plankton and algae that are suspended in the water column. In addition to food, any contaminants that exist in the water are also absorbed by the shellfish and can potentially be harmful to shellfish consumers.

Water quality monitoring is conducted year-round to determine and classify the health of our local waterbodies.

Shellfish can only be harvested from areas that are classified as sanitary for human consumption!

Before going shellfishing, please review the NYSDEC Public Shellfish Mapper, a new interactive map that identifies areas as closed and seasonally or temporarily closed to harvest shellfish.

DEC Shellfish Public Mapper

The map also provides information about the water quality monitoring sites and areas where aquaculture leasing is taking place.

These maps are provided for reference only, please refer to the written descriptions of all shellfish closures for official designations.

For more information, visit Shellfishing or call 631-444-0492.

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