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There’s a bucket-list item going on this weekend: the Claxton Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival.

For those who haven’t been, this 51-year-old festival held by the Evans County Wildlife Club near the south Georgia city will pack Saturday and Sunday with unique wildlife programs and a rich mix of food and fun including a parade and a newly added car show.

If you have been, you’ll want to go again to see and learn about eastern diamondback rattlers and other native snakes, turtles, birds of prey, fish and more. All are provided by zoos and conservation organizations. Participants include Georgia DNR, The Orianne Society, Georgia Southern University, Southeastern Reptile Rescue, Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Chehaw Park and others.

Conservation has been an emphasis at the annual Claxton festival since organizers switched the format in 2012 from a rattlesnake roundup to wildlife education, banning the sale or purchase of wild-caught rattlesnakes or related products.

The change has led to wider support, more snakes for display and strong crowds. With good weather, turnout on Saturday alone can reach 12,000-14,000.

Visit the Evans County Wildlife Club website for details on times, programs and admission.

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