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Welcome to Montana!

We’re happy to introduce Happy Trails, the newest video in the Discover Your #MontanaMoment video series. For assistance with this or other Montana travel stories, we can be reached through the Montana Pressroom or on Twitter.

Mapping Out a Montana Adventure

Amelia Hagen-Dillon puts Montana on the map with breathtaking backcountry runs 

In Happy Trails, the newest installment in the Discover Your #MontanaMoment video series from the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development, Amelia Hagen-Dillon uses her love for trail running to create detailed maps of Montana’s backcountry. As cofounder of Cairn Cartographics, Hagen-Dillon takes a hands-on approach to mapmaking by exploring the sweeping trails with her dog, Piper.

“One of the things I love the most about maps is it lets me be an artist, scientist, and athlete,” says Hagen-Dillon. “I like the challenge of fitting that all together.”

Founded in 2010, Cairn Cartographics has created beautiful and accurate maps of some of Montana’s greatest hiking spots, including Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Combining her love for cartography and outdoor exploration, Amelia Hagen-Dillon is literally putting Montana on the map.

“I think the landscape of Montana is so inspiring. Everywhere you look there’s a new ridgeline to explore or a new trail to follow.”

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