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These Changes Only Apply to Commercial Fishing

Summer flounder weekly program

Effective Monday, January 15, 2018, the summer flounder weekly program is established at 490 pounds weekly.

Parameters of the program:

  • The weekly limit, with a maximum of two landings a week, is not to be exceeded.
  • The fishing week for the fluke weekly program is Saturday to Friday.
  • A vessel may not possess more than the weekly limit in any one fishing week.

You are NOT required to submit a pre-departure notice. NYSDEC will be closely monitoring fluke landings through ACCSP and will make adjustments to the program in a timely fashion to obtain maximum benefit from available quota, and not to exceed period quota.

Please submit VTRs in the method that you normally would within 3 days of landing.

Postcards have been sent to appropriate permit holders.

See complete list of commercial fishing limits.

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